Architecture & Planning

Solving clients’ toughest challenges, one building - one design - at a time, we utilize architecture and design to transform and elevate the human experience. Through a design collaborative process, we explore the built environment from both an art and a science perspective to create spaces that stand the test of time.

Architecture & Planning

Master Planning

Masterplanning campuses and communities is a complicated but critical undertaking for owners and organizations. A thorough understanding of urban design best practices, industry and geographic trends, and long-range population projections is vital to develop comprehensive plans that optimize operations, functions, adjacencies, efficiencies, way finding, and the public and user experience for future growth.

Healthcare Planning

Healthcare environments today are more complex than ever before, and planning for operational, delivery, clinical, and patient success is challenging at best. We collaborate with organizational leadership, clinicians, facilities staff, equipment manufacturers, and patients to plan spaces for optimal impact and performance to remove clinical delivery redundancies, treatment barriers, and critical path processes.

Programming & Project Development

Before and during any design undertaking, we work with owners to define the requirements of every space. We start with identifying any problems, needs, and opportunities and work with stakeholders who are affected by the design to define the types of spaces needed, the number of each type of space, equipment types and quantities, furniture needs, and adjacencies for optimal organizational and personnel performance.

Architecture & Interior Design

Solving organizational, collaboration, and performance challenges through interior design is approached in conjunction with the architectural design, programming, and space planning effort for every project. Taking inspiration from the organizational brand, mission, vision, values, and culture, as well as workflow and processes, we create interior environments that support innovation, efficiency, and professional and personal growth to meet organizational goals and objectives.

Due Diligence Studies

For owners who are considering the purchase or lease of existing buildings, we perform architectural due diligence services to analyze the condition of existing facilities, viability for the intended purpose, and anticipated lifecycle of the building and its components so owners can make informed real estate decisions. This is conducted through a series of field reviews and measurements, preparation of record drawings, area calculations, MEP system evaluation, roof condition analysis, energy use evaluation, accessibility review, needs assessment, and a proposed budget to address deficiencies.