The economy and human values - the New Normal

The unprecedented COVID-19 event, particularly coupled with the new generation's interest in less conflict and sustainability, will lead to the way to a new economy.

Unprecedented is the best word we know at present that describes what happens - the impact on healthcare, economies, societies & cultures, governments & politics is comparable to small asteroids striking the planet in various locations in varying scales.

Just getting started - your phone...

Technology solutions for COVID-19 are on the way.

1st step - use your phone as a medical tracking and reporting device...

Apple and Google want to turn your phone into a Covid-tracking machine

Next Steps?

Your phone will be 5G enabled, reporting body temperture as you enter heath controlled facilities.

US compared to Italy - Economic Turnaround

An article by Matthew Harrison, head of biotech industry research for Morgan Stanley, forecasting the economic turnaround in the US will be slow as the US response was worse than Italy.

Suppress & Lift Strategy

Dr. Gabriel Leung, an infectious disease epidemologist and Dean of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong, outlines the "suppress and lift" strategy originally described in the March 6 Imperial College London paper (see link in the article.)

Some good news!

Your own social circle may subjectively predict your exposure to the virus. Italy's strong social structures and active and compact population contributed to broader and earlier virus transmission.

The US may get through this event more quickly than anticipated.

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